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ASTER is a program (and only a program!) which allows to create a few workplaces on base of a single PC.


ASTER is a multiseat software for Windows XP/7/8/10/11. ASTER does not use any thin clients and terminal stations, i.e. ASTER is analog of such multiseat programs, as MS Multi Point, SoftXpand, Betwin, Userful, etc. ASTER is being successfully used not only for equipping of computer classes, libraries, offices and Internet cafes, but even for games and video!

To create an additional workplace – you just connect 1 more monitor (you can connect to same video card), keyboard and a mouse to your computer (and if it is needed – microphone, speaker, joystick or gamepad).


Monitors may be connected by VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP cables. IT is also possible to use external monitors (preferably DisplayLink monitors) via USB or WIFI/LAN connections. After installing and launching, ASTER will provide each users with its own independent desktop.

ASTER INDIA Company Profile

We are an offshore Incorporation managed by a group of American, India & Egyptian investors, headed by Mr. Amiras Roy the CEO.

Our main goal is worldwide sales of multiseat software ASTER – We are an official ASTER distributor in the India.

Our mission is to provide resource-saving technology, which makes shared use of computers possible.

Sharing PC resources can help reduce the cost of IT infrastructure, save the environment and decrease the world’s digital divide.

Our Vision

IBIK is an innovative enterprise which was set up in 2003 and has been involved in multiseat technologies research and multiseat SW development.

Our Mission

Software Dealers and Representatives Are Very Welcome to Cooperate with Us. You Can Contact Us by The Following Phones.

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